Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Support A Word For My Sistas

As A Word For My Sistas moves forward and makes the changes necessary to become a more prominent and informative blog site, I need a little support. I want you to know that I am passionate about blogging. I am passionate about writing and I truly hope that sometimes when you come to my blog site, you can leave a little informed or a little inspired. And on Friday’s, I hope you can leave loving the shoes and handbags that I featured. With that said, I need $550 in order to complete the new layout for A Word For My Sistas that will be moving over to Word Press. Any dollar amount can help. My blog site is no money maker and it probably never will be. But I have a vision for A Word For My Sistas that I would love to see fulfilled. So if you can afford to donate, you can do so by using Pay Pal located on the right-hand side. Thanks for supporting A Word For My Sistas. It means a lot to me.

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