Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How do you feel about yourself?

It’s amazing how our lives continue to be affected by society’s standard of beauty. When I was about 11-years old, I was subconsciously affected by the images I saw everywhere that suggested to me what beauty looks like. Not aware of that fact at the time, I started to pay a little more attention to my nose. I felt that if I had a better shape noise, a more “European” nose perhaps, I would look more beautiful. It took many years later for me to realize that the nose I was born with was perfectly fine.

A lot of issues that affect us today can be linked directly to how we feel about ourselves. In the May issue of “Essence” magazine, Michelle Obama addresses this issue in her discussion about HIV. This is a snippet of what she had to say.

“Truthfully, I think the answers to a lot of the issues come from self-esteem. Young girls and women have to believe that they are worth something more, they have to see opportunities for themselves beyond a relationship or beyond what’s right there in front of them. That’s what makes young girls make the decision to demand that their partners use a condom, say no, or abstain, because they see their future.”

How do you feel about yourself? The discussion will continue…

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