Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Exclusive Q&A Session With Unique London

Unique London, makeup artist to the stars, has been perfecting her skills for over 10 years. With an artistic eye that allows her to bring out ones natural beauty, her services have been requested by many celebrities. Most noted is the makeup artistry she has provided to the BET network for over 6 years. Unique empowers women with “Unique London LLC,” her “Traveling Beauty Services and Grooming & Image Consulting Company,” which emphasizes a woman’s natural beauty. Unique believes that natural beauty, style, and self-worth are the epitome of beauty. Check out “A Word For My Sistas” Q&A session with Unique London.

Onetta: You began your professional career over 10 years ago, what influenced you to become a makeup artist?

Unique London: I honestly had no idea that I would become a makeup artiste. I wanted to be in the medical field working as a doctor or therapist. This was definitely a gift from God. I was a tomboy, so makeup was not my first choice, but it is the best choice for me. I love it!!! Creativity, self-confidence, therapy, colour theory, and meeting people is why I love being a
makeup artiste.

Onetta: In your opinion, what makes a woman beautiful?

Unique London: Everything! Many times we say what we don’t like about ourselves, instead of enhancing what we do love about ourselves. As women, we fail to realize that we are truly always wanted and needed!

Onetta: I know sometimes women of color have a hard time trying to find the right shade of foundations and powders to match their skin tone. Do you have some advice that could help those women?

Unique London: One, see a dermatologist, professional esthetician, or makeup artist to tell you your skin type and to tell you about the products that will work for you. I say to use less products as possible. Our ancestors had fairly amazing skin by not using many products on their skin. I believe simplicity works. You just have to find the right chemistry. “Iman Cosmetics” have great foundations for oily skin and its undertones can be a dead match so you don’t need to use two foundations. “Black Opal” is good. Be careful, it may have too much olive base. What I really love is “L’Oreal” foundation! It has high intensity pigment, it is light, but gives maximum coverage and has sunscreen. “L’Oreal” foundations come in different undertones. Your skin can breath with this product.

Onetta: Name one product that you feel every woman should have in her makeup bag.

Unique London: Lip Conditioner.

Onetta: What products could a women use to give her face a natural look?

Unique London: Bronzer or “Revlon Skin Lights.” They are amazing and they give your skin a glow!

Onetta: A lot of us don’t have a lot of time in the morning to put on makeup, what can we do in a short amount of time to give our face a polished look?

Unique London: Use a tinted moisturizer or a concealer to even out skin complexion, lip balm, and mascara.

Onetta: Over the years, you have worked with many celebrities, who have you enjoyed working with the most?

Unique London: I actually enjoyed all my clients; Ray J, Santana, Denzel Washington, Robin Thicke, Keyshia Cole, Master P, Rocsi, and Busta Rhymes, and Debra Lee. Everyone was a blast!

Onetta: In closing, what advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a makeup artist?

Unique London: Work every single makeup job. It’s about your work, professionalism, and variety. You should be able to adapt to all aspects of makeup. You have to have tenacity and love people, colour and creativity, and perhaps, possible psychology classes as well! ( NO FOR REAL!!!!!)

Unique London has a new show coming soon to BET! Check out her MySpace page at www.myspace.com/uniquelondon for updates.

To learn more about Unique London”s “Traveling Beauty Services and Grooming & Image Consulting Company,” visit www.uniquelondoninc.com.

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