Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ty’Sheoma Bethea

Last night, Ty’Sheoma Bethea and her mother was the special guest of The First Lady during President Obama’s address to congress. Ty’Sheoma is an eight grade student at J.V. Martin Junior High School in South Carolina. Ty’Shoema wrote a letter to Congress outlining the faltering conditions of her school and asking them for help. I read the letter in its entirety, and I am inspired by what this young lady wrote. She writes…

“People are starting to see my school as a hopeless, uneducated school, which we are not, and we finally want to prove to the world that we have a chance in life just like other schools and we can feel good about what we are doing because of the conditions we are in now, we can not succeed in anything, that’s why we are calling on you for help. We are willing to try, but our economy is not willing to do much. I’m very concern about my school’s condition as a student and it’s time for me to get involve and do my part as a student.”

I was inspired by Ty’Shoema because I can relate to her letter. I am a product of the “Chicago Public School” system. I know all too well the conditions student face that attend schools in the inner cities and in poor neighborhoods. Resources and funds are limited and the quest to provide each child with an equal education falls short year after year. What resonates within me is despite their circumstances, Ty’Sheoma and her classmates have potential to succeed beyond their expectations. I always believed that fact when sitting in the classrooms at West Pullman School on the South Side of Chicago.

With her letter, Ty’Sheoma has brought national attention to the circumstances of her school and I am hopeful that the students of J.V. Martin Junior High School can expect change!

Ty’Sheoma Bethea’s letter to congress can be found at

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