Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mary J. Blige

The one and only Mary J. Blige graces the cover of the October issue of Essence magazine for the tenth time. Go head girl, I ain’t mad at you! Mary talks to Essence about (FFAWN) her foundation to help young women, her latest album, “Stronger,” and her role in Tyler Perry’s latest film, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” which opens in theaters nationwide this Friday. Fans got a chance to ask Mary some questions via twitter and via Here are a few questions and answers.

How would you encourage a single woman who is feeling depressed because of this recession? Claudine Browne—Kingston, Jamaica

MJB: Don’t be defined by what your circumstances are. Free your energy up. Don’t think that money or being able to pay your bills makes you who you are. God made you the way you are, so don’t let not having money take that away.

You had to suffer through physical, emotional and drug abuse. At what point did you decide enough was enough? Who introduced you to the recovery process that seemed to transform your life?—James A. Johnson, Richmond

MJB: It was during the “No More Drama” album when I realized: if I don’t do something, I’m not going to be here anymore. I made a decision to get help, not from any rehabs or anything like that, but I prayed and asked God to send me someone to help me. And he sent me help in the form of a man, and it was my husband, Kendu Isaacs. That’s my friend who helped me to get to a point of asking myself questions like, “Why am I doing this?” With him I had to go meet the message that was coming from the messenger. At that point, I was finished with everything. God works in mysterious ways.

Out of the darkness and into the sunshine, you appear to be at the highest peak of your life. What is the next stage of your journey?—Kristen Wright, Charleston, South Carolina

MJB: My foundation, FFAWN, is something that’s really, really big to me right now. And for the next part I’d like to continue growing as a businesswoman and a philanthropist. I’ll continue being a mother to my children that I have from my marriage. For the rest, I don’t know, whatever else God has in store.

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