Monday, September 28, 2009

A Word For My Sistas

I know for sure that I am not without imperfections and flaws. I know for sure that I have made mistakes in my life and have done things in my life that made me think, “Damn, what was I thinking?”

I know for sure that I had to go through some things; to experience certain trials and tribulations to become the person I am today.

I know for sure that I am not enslaved to my past. I am not a victim of my past. I can rise above any mishaps, any mistakes, and any trials and tribulations. I know for sure that I can change my life around for the better.

I know for sure that I will never be ashamed of who I was, but rather, I will always be proud of who I became.


Moni @ CL Journal said...

Thumbs up! I'm going to cut this out and put it up on my inspiration board!

Moni @ CL Journal said...

correction, I'm going to print this out and put up on the board! *sorry*!

MakinItRain said...
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Alexandra Merejo said...

Beautiful...thank you! Be Blessed and Be Great!

Onetta said...

@Moni, I'm glad that this post can serve as inspiration to you. Thanks for checking out AWFMS.

@Alexandra Merejo, Thank you for the kinds words.