Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Question Of The Day

Ladies, Are You Raising Gentlemen?

In the July/August issue of Ebony magazine, Rozonda
“Chilli” Thomas from the world renowned group TLC, opens up about raising her son Tron. She had this to say. “Even in a bad dream, I couldn’t see my son being a scrub or just going far to the left. Everything that Tron is going to learn is going to come from me first. So, when we get to a door, I’ll just wait and he knows to open the door for me, because he’s a young man and I’m a woman. I teach by example. That’s what mothers have to do.”

I applaud Chilli and every mother for that matter that is raising their sons to be gentlemen. In a time where we are sometimes left wondering if black men truly love black women, it is assuring to know that gentlemen are still being raised.

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