Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Letter To My Daughter

The path to truly loving ourselves begins the moment we are born. The quest for validation for some seems never ending. What we must recognize is that there is power in words and power in actions. We have to tell our little girls that they are beautiful and that they are worthy. We have to help build up their confidence and their self-esteem. We have the responsibility of encouraging them to cultivate empowering thoughts. We are aware of the many pitfalls in society that women of color sometimes face. We have the opportunity and we must take advantage of the opportunity to raise little girls who love who they are. It starts at home, it starts with us. I hope you are as committed as I am to raising a little girl who can truly love herself. I wrote the following letter to my daughter that is stored in her keepsake box that she has had since she was born. If there is ever a time in her life where she ever needs to be reminded about just how special she is; the letter will always be there for her. I encourage those who has a daughter to write a letter to their own daughter as well.

Dear Jazz,

Your smile is timeless. Your laughter is infectious. And the luminous aura that surrounds you is undeniable. You have this uncanning ability to draw people to you. Maybe it’s the sincerity of your character or maybe it’s the kindness of your heart.

My little girl, you are so beautiful! You know you be “rockin” those braids. And mommy loves your style. Remember that I have taught you that you don’t have to wear expensive designer clothes to feel important or to feel like you are somebody! Clothes don’t define who you are!

You are such a smart girl. I am often surprise by the insight that you already have about this world. Know that as you go forward in life, you are “worthy.” Yes my little one, you are worthy to be treated with respect and dignity. You are worthy to have people in your life that love you and care for you. If you ever find that you have people within your inner circle that wants to mistreat you or who wants to break your spirit, you just simply have to let those people go. Please, please, don’t ever settle for less!

From the moment that you were born, my life forever changed. I realized when I first saw you that I was taking on the biggest responsibility of my life; the responsibility of raising a little girl in a world that may tell her that she is not good enough, that she is not pretty enough, and that she has nothing to offer. Baby girl let me tell you, you are a gem! In greatness you were made, and in greatness you will go forward!

Throughout life, I will be your biggest and loudest fan. Always count on me to encourage you and to cheer you on. Let me give you some advice for a moment. The search for perfection is a foolish one. Material things do not measure a person’s success, and failing at something is not the end of the world, it’s the chance to follow another path.

Always think for yourself, be your own person, and march to the beat of your own drum. You are beautiful and you have so much to offer to this world. Don’t believe anything any different. I love you! Always embody those words in your heart. Keep those words stored within your precious mind. And always, always, love who you are.


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Florida granmother said...

This is very beautiful Netta.
It should be something all mothers need to tell their daughters. In some cases just tell them you love them. That I've learning to do now that they are all grown and are dealing with what society is throwing at them.
Fla grandmother