Monday, July 20, 2009

No Need To Bring Your Sistas Down!

Sometimes it appears as though a “divide and conquer gene” has become intertwined into a segment of our DNA. And generation after generation, its dominance continues to be expressed in the form of the behavior that we sometimes exhibit toward one another; the behavior of bringing each other down. I am sure that if you have lived long enough, you probably have been the victim of this type of behavior or you probably have been on the opposite end of the spectrum and have been the one enforcing it. Either way, I have come to the clear conclusion that it’s no need for it!

Trying to bring another sista down doesn’t get you ahead! It doesn’t get you anywhere to be honest!

It just informs others about the insecurities and the self-hatred that you have for yourself. It let’s your fellow sistas know that you have become a slave to learned behaviors that our community often fosters.

You see, a sista who loves herself and is confident about herself, knows how to encourage and uplift other sistas.

She doesn’t have to stare you up and down or give you the evil eye when you walk into a room (quietly bringing you down with her eyes). Somebody knows what I am talking about! She doesn’t have to be envious of you and of all your accomplishments. But instead, she can open up her mouth and say hi or smile when she passes you on the sidewalk.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see what would happen if some of us took that same time and energy that we put into trying to bring another sista down and refocus it on our own lives?

I am no fool and I know that we have been dealing with this issue for a long time. I know it want fade away over night.

But maybe, just maybe, these words could be another catalyst to help some of us develop a new set of attitudes, form a different perspective, and realize that the sky above is an enormous entity where there is plenty of room for all our stars to shine!

Sistas, stop trying to bring another sista down! We are better than that! We can do better than that!


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