Monday, June 8, 2009

Just one thing…

Look straight ahead in the mirror and think about one thing that you love most about yourself; just one thing. It seems like such a simple task, but are you up for the challenge? Would you be able to do it? It’s amazing how sometimes we focus so much on the things that we don’t love about ourselves that we tend to overlook and not celebrate those wonderful qualities that defines us and makes us who we are. Those qualities that separate us from the pack and those qualities that allows us to leave our own mark in this world.

I know that often we are our own worst critics and I understand why. But what is essential and what is key to living a fulfilled life is being able to embrace every part of who you are.

Most of us continue to be a work in progress, and that is perfectly fine; but always, always, keeps close to your heart all those wonderful qualities that you have that make you who you are.

So with that said, one thing that I love most about myself is my willingness to help someone else along the way in this journey we call life. If you don’t mind, share just one thing that you love most about yourself.


Hey Shae! said...

I totally agree that most of us are a work in progress. Things change daily. Depending on my mood I can easily find things to love about me and sometimes I just walk away in wonder. Great post.

MoniMoni said...

I love my gift of humor! Even in the worst of times (and I have had many), I find something to laugh at and make myself or the other person feel better. Now I do recognize that there are times to bring that out, but I cannot understand a person who can't find humor in anything. It seems...unnatural.

Live, laugh, love. This statement says it all.

Onetta said...

Thanks ladies for sharing!
As we continue to be a work in progress, we should remember that laughter in our lives is not so bad!