Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Change is on the way.....

I am very excited that I will be moving A Word For My Sistas over to Word Press and will be working with Purr Design to create a new layout for my blog. My blog will stay true to it’s original format, but I will go back to doing some things I did when I first started A Word For My Sistas. I will continue to highlight women of color in a positive light, bring you great interviews, and most importantly, continue to talk about issues that affect women of color.

If you would like to be a guest blogger or if you are a writer that is interested in submitting content to be featured on A Word For My Sistas, please email me at

I will also start a new feature at A Word For My Sistas called, She’s Got It! She’s Got It! will feature ordinary women who are doing extraordinary things. Whether it be having her own business, or whether she’s a vital participant in her community, or simply a woman who is doing what she can to help another person along the way; she is definitely a woman who’s got it. If you would like to see someone featured on She’s Got It!, please email me at

Thanks for your continued support.


Rainz said...

Great new feature for the new blog at wordpress.... can't wait!

Onetta said...

Thank's Rainz!