Monday, May 18, 2009

Question Of The Day

What inspires you? The thing that inspires me the most is when I meet or when I read about someone who has overcome many obstacles and who has rose above tremendous adversities in their lives. Often, people become victims of their situations, not able to break-free or move forward in life; but for those who can muster up enough strength, exhibit a little courage, and rely on a little faith to propel them forward in life; those are the ones who become my inspiration.


MoniMoni said...

Sisters who uplift each other and give encouragement. That's what inspires me. Men who encourage one another, that inspires me. People who protect their children and know that caring about their kids is not about buying them everything or letting them have their way, but by spending time with them, taking them to see things in the world or just reading a book with them and discussing it to get their views. That inspires me.

People who display their creativity, who use it to express their innermost thoughts and probing questions about life. That inspires me.

Onetta said...

Well said MoniMoni!