Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Word For My Sistas

Moving forward in life and getting rid of the baggage or those “emotional wounds” you have carried around for so long can be a difficult and daunting task, but a task that must be done in order to live your “beautiful life.” Within my own inner circle, I find a sista who is paralyzed by her “emotional wounds” fostering her inability to move forward in her life; preventing her from reaching her full potential and taking advantage of all that life has to offer. Though she puts on a good front, I can see beyond her exterior and see the “emotional wounds” she carries around deep inside. The main sources of her “emotional wounds” are the actions and unkind words compliments of her parents. I feel helpless because I haven’t been successful in helping her to move forward. The journey for her to move forward is one she has to be willing to take, when she’s ready to take it. The process of healing my own “emotional wounds” was a journey that didn’t happen over night. It was a journey that spanned over a 2 year period and a journey that relied on the assistance of a “higher power.” Everyone’s journey is different. Maybe some need to confront, maybe some need counseling, maybe some, like I, need the assistance of a higher power to move forward in life. This discussion will continue, but for now, the first step in moving forward to begin to heal your “emotional wounds” will be:

1. Recognizing that you are unable to move forward in life because you are paralyzed by “emotional wounds” and discover the sources of those “emotional wounds.”

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