Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One of the things I love most in life is a good ole fashioned
“Get Togetha,” and I am certain that fellow blogger Melinda feels the same way. Last June, Melinda launched “Get Togetha,” a lifestyle company that inspires women to live their best life and encourages them to create spaces with home décor and interior designs they love. On her blog site, Melinda always reminds us the importance of interpersonal exchanges between family and friends as well as how important it is for us, in our hectic lives, to slow down, relax, and reconnect. Melinda recently shared with “A Word For My Sistas,” some tips to help us to begin to relax and reconnect.

5 tips + 1

1. De-Clutter. Most of us don’t need to purchase anything new. We just need to clean our places up! Get rid of all things broken and move your furniture around.

2. Lighting. Overhead lighting is harsh and makes everyone look bad. Good thing that affordable lighting options are everywhere. Try Target, CB2, or West Elm.

3. Soy Candles. There’s something about lighting a candle that puts us in a restful state and intuitively allows us to relax. So no to paraffin candles and yes to soy. Soy candles are better for the environment, burn twice as long, and are biodegradable.

4. Sleep. Good Quality Sheets and even better update your pillows. Great pillows can be found at

5. Fresh Flowers. Fresh flowers invite you back to beauty and nature. Allergic to Pollen? A good ole fashioned house plant for better air quality.

6. Wine. You no longer have to be in your fifties to enjoy. I live in Harlem and after seeing the “Sex in the City” movie, I headed over to Harlem’s Premier Wine Bar “Nectar.” The wine bar was poppin with folks in their twenties.

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