Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Communicating The Message…

I think that what makes an effective communicator and one that can delivery a message that can inspire, motivate, and call the masses to think in a new way when it comes to issues affecting our community is a communicator that can delivery a message that everyone can understand. What I mean by this is that too often, I visit blogs that are in place to stimulate a new way of thinking and the people who don’t need the message because they already have a new way of think gets it and the people who truly needs the message for some reason don’t get it all. But for me, the problem is when you are not in the position or in that point of your life of receiving that particular message, you are viewed as “uneducated” and in need of some “remedial teachings.” Those bloggers who do have a new way of thinking about issues that affect our community didn’t get there over night. The process to receive information and assimilate it in a new way is a journey. So it leaves me to question rather the blogger really wants to stimulate a new way of thinking or rather the blogger is writing to impress their colleagues. All I know is that there are so many issue affecting our communities that we have not been able to overcome and now I have a better understanding of why.

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