Friday, January 23, 2009

Handbag Of The Week

Jelani Reptile Handbag priced at $34.80 and also available at

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Divalocity said...

Why are you tempting me like this? I'm doing my best to save my few coins and you have me tempted to go out and spend! LOL!

Forever 21 is my favorite store for accessories because I can not fit their clothes but my daughters sure can.

For last years Essence Music Festival, I was rocking a handbag that I bought from the store and everyone who commented on it thought that I paid a fortune for it, nope only $25.00.

For goodness sakes I’m a recovering shopping addict! Shoes are my main weakness! I’m strong and I will not give in to temptation.

I Love your Blog and I’ll be checking in later for new postings.