Monday, January 5, 2009

Exclusive Q&A Session With Ursula Stephen

Celebrity hair stylist Ursula Stephen has prompted other celebrity hair stylist to step up their game as she leads the way in creating innovative hair styles for some of our biggest celebrities today. This Brooklyn native career has continued to soar since helping to transform Rihanna into one of the hottest chicks in the music industry. Known for her precision cuts and her eye for perfection, Ursula is no longer the best kept secret within her field of expertise. Today, Ursula days are booked solid as she is being commanded by just about everyone. Ursula recently took time out to talk to “A Word For My Sistas.” Check out the following exclusive Q&A session.

Onetta: You have been styling hair for a long time. Did you always know that being a hair stylist is what you wanted to do?

Ursula: I just knew that doing hair made me happy. I took joy in it. All the serious work came after.

Onetta: Some of your celebrity clients include Michelle Williams, Keyshia Cole, and of course Rihanna. How do you determine what kind of hair style to give to each of the ladies?

Ursula: All three of these ladies have different personalities and expect something different from their hair styles. In most cases, personality helps me determine what to do for each client.

Onetta: I always say that change is the essence of life; you can not experience life without change. So many women are afraid to change their looks. What would you say to those women?

Ursula: I say, “it’s not that serious, it’s only hair.” If you don’t like it, change it, or buy some. Lol.

Onetta: Times are tough and a lot of us are scaling back and opting not to go for regular salon visits. What home hair care regimen would you recommend in this case?

Ursula: Invest in a great deep conditioner and hooded dryer. Many times when we are forced to do our own hair, we tend to over style and damage it. A great moisturizing conditioner will help through these times.

Onetta: What is one hair care product you can not live without?

Ursula: I personally can’t live without my pomade. My hair is short and I need it to control my hairline!

Onetta: Before we know it, springtime will be upon us. What hair style trends should we expect to see?

Ursula: Short hair will still be around in a big way. Those who didn’t do it yet, can’t wait to!

Onetta: You continue to grow in your profession and continue to experience a new level of success, what keeps you grounded?

Ursula: I don’t know any other way to be! My family and friends help to keep me that way! There’s no “acting Hollywood” with them. I’ll never hear the end of it! Lol.

Onetta: In closing, what advice would you give to anyone wanting to become a hair stylist to the stars?

Ursula: I would say become a great stylist first, the rest will come after!

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